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What a GREAT family!!!!

Posted by mrabbott on November 29, 2008

I had the pleasure of visiting the Jordan family this morning. What an absolutely BEAUTIFUL family. George and Tammy your family was a blast. We started off and all was well. As soon as we set up in our location, oh how the wind started:-) But we managed to get several nice images. Thanks again y’all!




3 Responses to “What a GREAT family!!!!”

  1. Tammy said

    We love it! My baby boy looks so grown up. You are an amazing photogragher. Keep up the great work! It is so obvious that you love waht you are doing.


  2. mrabbott said

    Thanks Tammy:-)

  3. Baarbara Linlzey said

    Tammy and George,
    You’re babies are growing up.

    And, if Colton DOESN’t look LIke George, I’ll shine your boots.

    And, if Emma doesn’t look exactly LIKE YOU, I’ll get you new boots.

    What a beautiful photo. Tammy, this is what you were “born to do”.

    What a gorgeous family. You need to be on the cover of a Texas magazine.

    Merry Christmas,
    Barbara Jo Linzey

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