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Meet Nick

Posted by mrabbott on November 30, 2008

I had the opportunity to get some shots of Nick this afternoon. Nick is GREAT! He was very comfortable in front of the camera. Laid back and very easy going. Thanks Nick for you patience. I am looking forward to you complete senior session:-)




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What a GREAT family!!!!

Posted by mrabbott on November 29, 2008

I had the pleasure of visiting the Jordan family this morning. What an absolutely BEAUTIFUL family. George and Tammy your family was a blast. We started off and all was well. As soon as we set up in our location, oh how the wind started:-) But we managed to get several nice images. Thanks again y’all!



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Well another busy day:-) WOOHOO!!!

Posted by mrabbott on November 29, 2008

The food shoot went great! Thanks Jesse! For anyone who does know about Carita’s Ranch BBQ you are missing out. Their turkeys and chickens are WOW!! Best I have ever had.

The parachute jump, and my senior shoot were rescheduled for Sunday due to weather.

I have a great day planned for today though. I am meeting with the Jordan family at 9 for family Christmas pictures. I also have the privilege of taking bridal portraits for a beautiful young bride to be at 1pm. I may have a senior shoot inbetween these two:-)

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It’s Black Friday!!!!

Posted by mrabbott on November 28, 2008

Today is an exciting day for many people and especially for store owners. My kids and I are actually going at 5 AM to go shopping for deals:-) We’re not really shopping for deals we just wanna be part of the experience. After we finished shopping I have 3 photo shoots today. I am shooting food at Carita’s Ranch, a rescheduled parachute jump…many extra people today and then a HS senior this afternoon. Pretty full day today:-)

Here is a story board I worked on yesterday:


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Giving Thanks at Thanksgiving

Posted by mrabbott on November 27, 2008

This holiday season I have so many people that I am thankful for.

I am thankful for my family, my AWESOME, WONDERFUL, GREAT, BEAUTIFUL AND LOVING children; Katelyn, Andrew and Ryan. I love all of you so very much.  I am also very thankful for their mom, Judy. After all that I have put you through yet you are always there for me.

My home town friends: David for helping me with my dream, and believing in me. Your support is awesome, you are a great friend. Mike/Mark(Twins) for all that you do, have done, Hector and Jodi 🙂 too many words, Tommy, Brian D, Steve P, El Jefe for always being there at the right time and for your never ending love and support, Brian S my bud!, Teri N:-), Teri B:-) such great support, Jim, Brenda and Becky, Rick and Dedra, Daniel H, Doug S, Brian V, Brian Petree, Don and Nancy, Forres and Laurie, Ted B, Penny and Duane, Grams, my Friends at BMSN and BISD…

ALL of my clients! WOW there are some many of you. I appreciate that you gave me the opportunity to take pictures of you or your loved ones. You are helping me live my dream everyday!!!

My photog family, without these people I truly do not know where I would be today: Rob P, Mike P,  Andy, Julie (CalGal), Julie P, Debbie R, Rebecca O, Allen, The Pittman’s, Bill G, Daniel from AK, Warne, Will, Clem, Chuck, Dale, Dawn Ellen, Dawn S, Dana, Derek, Rod, Ken M, Randy, Kristy, Carol (Miss J), Terry C, Jill D, Ruth, Neil C, Eric, Shannon, Michelle, Erin, Kevin K, Mike, Julie K, Rene S, Gabi, Denise, James, Shawn, Tatum, Judy C, Wayne and Kim, Ricky, Jaje, Venus, Melissa L, Randy and Kim Totten, Cindy, Jaco, Cindy (Grlzrk), Megan, Dan, Joseph, and Kris G. You are all part of my life. Each of you have helped me in ways most of you do not even know. A kind word, support, CC, a post, an answer…

Joshua…man from day one! Always a kind word, great support, available when I am in doubt.

Steve and Shelley you are such great people! So sharing and helpful. My mentors and friends. You are my Guru’s.

Lisa Marie, although your driving scares me to death, your kindness is never ending. I appreciate your support so very much.You are a true talent and charming person.

Travis and Paula, your are both AWESOME! Love your stuff! You have taught me more than you know.

Amy Coe, you are a true supporter. You cheered me on from the beginning, you believed before I saw.

Hodgy, thank you so much for your friendship and talent. You are an inspiration and leader.

Brian L, what a great person you are, as talented as you are humble.

Chasity…wow what to say. You saved me in more than one way. I could not/would not be here if you had not stepped up. For that I will be be eternally grateful:-)

Mike (X2)…Dude you RAWK!!!!!! I appreciate your friendship and guidance.

Alison…I don’t know how to tell you this, but…Luv ya:-)

Tammy, so many words so little time. I believe in you like you believe in me. Stay the course girlfriend:-)XXOO

Tommy, you are my friend, my support and strength.

I know that there are people that I may have missed, by accident only.

I am thankful for all of you. I am a better person because I know each of you.


And Grandma and Mel….Hugs and love!!!!!

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Officer Paul Patel information

Posted by mrabbott on November 26, 2008

I mentioned earlier that my friend and fellow officer Paul Patel was in the hospital. Here is a article from out local paper, The Boerne Star, about Paul. Any help that you can offer to Paul and his family will be very much appreciated.



All my prayers Paul, get well…love ya man

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Cute boy

Posted by mrabbott on November 26, 2008

Have been working the day job a lot lately and have not had many opportunities to shoot the images that I would like. Here is a shot of a friends son while I was on dinner break last night at work. I used several different post processing methods. Needed to get back into my editing tools:-)






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Sorry for not being around much this past couple of days

Posted by mrabbott on November 25, 2008

I have been covering shifts at the police department while some of our officers heal up. This weekend is gonna be very busy so I will post more in a day or two:-)

Thanks for your patience,


Here is a picture I took of my friend David. Handsome fella he is…


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Going to be a busy week!

Posted by mrabbott on November 22, 2008

I have several senior sessions scheduled over the next week. Its going to be a blast! Stay tuned for some killa images from these upcoming sessions…

Here is one from last year with Travis that makes me laugh:-) aja_6837-edit-edit-copy

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Posted by mrabbott on November 21, 2008

Andrew is getting ready to start playing basketball this next week. I am very excited about seeing him on the court for the Boerne-Champion Chargers JV basketball team this year.


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