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Copyright information

Posted by mrabbott on April 8, 2009

Copyright Warning: Jason Abbott Photography, the photographs and other art by Jason Abbott and other page content are copyright protected, 2009, and actually for all time and eternity. The images presented on this website are Jason Abbott’s and may not be reproduced, copied or altered in any way, by use of computer or other electronic means, without specific permission and payment of fee.

Unauthorized reproduction of any portion of any photographs or other images or other content presented here through any medium for commercial or any personal use is in violation of federal copyright laws.

I vigorously protect my copyright interests. In the event that an infringement is discovered you will be notified and invoiced the industry-standard TRIPLE-FEE for unauthorized usage and/or prosecuted for copyright infringement in U S Federal Court where you will be subject to a fine of US$100,000 statutory damages as well as our court costs and attorneys’ fees.


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