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Sometimes I just have no words:-)

Posted by mrabbott on December 1, 2008

Tonight is one of those nights. I had the honor of being asked by Maddie P and her mother to get a couple shots for her Senior ad for Boerne Champion High School. Maddie is an AWESOME varsity volleyball player. I have watched her play for several years. She very talented athlete. Well it just so happends that Maddie is also GORGEOUS! We had a great time this evening. We met just before sundown but captured a WONDERFUL image.

Her mom the beautiful Mavis,  helped me out with my flashes and we all laughed a lot. I cannot wait till we get to shoot her senior session!  WOOHOO!!!!

Thanks for the opportunity, and Maddie I will take you up on that Facebook offer:-)



One Response to “Sometimes I just have no words:-)”

  1. Mavis Phillip said

    Jason this is amazing! You have such a gift! Thank you for sharing it with us. I don’t know how you do it, but somehow when i look at this picture I can see how beautiful Maddie is on the inside. We enjoyed the evening with you and look forward to many more!

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