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WOW! It has been a LONG summer:-)

Posted by mrabbott on August 24, 2008

Well hello again! Sorry I have not been here for a bit. Had a schedule change over the summer, and some interesting events that occur.

First I had a MAJOR external hard drive crash while trying to make a back up of my files!!!! OMG it is such a nightmare…I am still working to have the files recovered. To all of you who are still waiting that are reading this, I am sorry for the delay and I am working as hard as I can to get the files back. This is a difficult and $$$ process as I have learned.

2nd I was injured at work, long story but all is well. I was out for a month..that really throws a kink in a photographers summer plans:-)

Well I am back now! I am so excited about this school year. I am eager to get back to my regular schedule, and REALLY excited about my photography.

I was able to attend a couple of seminars and training events this summer. Can’t wait to put these ideas into play. In Salt Lake City I was even awarded a membership to a select professional photography forum designed around just senior portraits. I was truly honored by the award. Steve and Shelley Harrington were our hosts, and instructors. They are WONDERFUL people and a very, very, very talented photography duo. Learned so very much. Shelley called me her MVP of the week…most valuable photographer…

Here is our class photo…that’s me in the green shirt in the back:-)

Here are a couple I worked on over the summer



My son Andrew

Becky again:-)


Brittany from Salt Lake City at Steve and Shelley’s workshop

Kylee at Steve and Shelley’s workshop



I hope to get more posted soon.

I have some big plans in place!!!

If you are, or know a ’09 Senior who is looking for senior portraits please let them know that I am currently scheduling times…already have 6:-)

Thanks for looking,



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